Terms and Conditions

Payment terms

All payments must be made within 30 days unless otherwise agreed. Any deviation from this must be specified before any work commences. For website work, final payment is required before the site/changes will be put live.
Returned cheques will incur an additional fee of £50.00 per returned cheque.


For jobs that require any initial outlay or for any website work, a non refundable 50% deposit is required.

Cancellation of contracts

For contracts over 3 months, 1 months’ notice is required*.
For contracts over 6 months, 2 months’ notice is required*.
For contracts over 9 months, 3 months’ notice is required*.
If a contract is cancelled, the noticed period will need to be paid in full whether work is carried out or not.

*as of end of month.

Your Privacy

We do not share or sell any of your details with third party companies, without your express permission and we will only email you or contact you about work related matters.

Acceptance of Quotation and Terms and Conditions

The placement of an order for design and/or any other services offered by Johnny F Designs and validated by the client’s signature on the estimate or quotation form, constitutes acceptance of the estimate or quotation and agreement to comply fully with all these terms and conditions and forms a Contract between the client and Johnny F Designs. The client agrees to the supply of the Services in accordance with these terms and conditions, acknowledges that it has read and understood these terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by them.

Domain names

All domain names registered by Johnny F Designs, remain the property of Johnny F Designs until otherwise specified. All domains are leased to the client on a yearly basis.


All clients represented on this website I have worked for either directly or indirectly.